1 2 3

1 2 3

high existence . com

i wonder why i can’t seem to run fast in my dreams, maybe

like the feeling of falling it’s only peculiar to this smoke reality.

can i be a quiet and gentle soul like the girl i hope to become? will i always

remember that there is no future because the future is now or never?

i guess in life, i’m only a performer following my script like 1 2 3.


Picture: highexistence.com

Inspiration: Jon Bellion – Maybe IDK








tiny buddha . com 2

today i learned that

persistence is what separates

winners from losers in

life’s  grand theatre.

life is indeed what

you make of it and

fear is the mind killer.


Picture: tinybuddha.com

Inspiration: After a year of dark days, today I won and it’s indeed like a dream. (Psalms 126:1-6) Listening to “Hillsong young and free – Trust”





Siempre adelante…

Siempre adelante…

potential 2 success . com

Una vida de valor es

dificil de vivir, pero

tratamos nuestras mejor

y eso es suficiente.

siempre adelante….siempre.


Pictura: potential2success.com

Inspiracion: La vida pasa y es siempre por la mejor. Estoy agradecido por mi vida. Siempre!!! (Soy escuchando que “Bad Bunny – Como antes”)

Brought to life

Brought to life


Everything’s smaller when you see it from here; high, low, perspective being what it is. fear is a useless emotion; alps curbing life’s panoramic view. Here, we believe in the power of belief; self fulfilling prophesies… as you choose how to see the world with deep blue eyes, I’ll be right here sketching my life’s story, in my mind first…an idea brought to life.


Picture: Holgersson

Inspiration: “Life is all about perspective”


I wonder

I wonder

fatima albudoor

in this game of you versus life

i wonder about your view

through eyes electric blue;

knowing firecoal suns,

peering through

pearly gates.


Picture: Fatima Albudoor

Inspiration:  01/10/19, 1:24am thinking about life




Our Light…

Our Light…

saga . com

i don’t know how you feel

about this page turning like

circles in time, or if you

see what tomorrow holds;

how her starry eyes will unfold.

God only knows

His love…our light…


PS: To you the reader – “Thank you for your support in 2018. May 2019  reveal to us wisdom to succeed in our pursuits,  grace to be content and to find peace that knows no bounds. I wish you a happy new year”.

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