I’m just a

black flower, a

loving young doe

grazing on hyacinth meadows

revealing layers of me. I’m

fighting to be free and

I need you to trust me, to

remember that these words

live forever in my soul. I’m

just MIA


Picture; you can buy the color on fabric land

Inspiration; times are hard, but somehow God is my strength.

His joy

His joy

it’s hard. i’m tired

sick of pretending like

i’m strong enough to ride this wave.

some nights i cry more than once; doubts

rocking me to sleep like the

sound of troubled waters. to hang

on to a gleam of hope is

not for the weak…

i won’t give up…his joy

will be my strength


Picture; favim.com

Inspiration; No one can steal our joy – Tenth Avenue North

The cast aways

The cast aways

Saddled by a life that’s tick tocking away

I let him rest his heavy head on my shoulders frail.

We’re the cast aways, the

bitter scums of an existence riddled with

fantasies of suffering and gold.

His name is John and mine Meredith, and

with hands folded like hooks, we

hang on to the noose, ripping it apart

we untie the line as we skip…and

skip…in merriment as

we dare fate to deal its next card.


Picture; shutterstock