I’m here with myself and I
And all the promises you made i feel broken
How can you and me just go up in flames?
How can you be like my bright shadow that’s not there anymore
Now my mind’s darker than black
My thoughts blank
I’ve learned not to believe in sweet talk
And fall in him who has made me mad
But I keep kissing the lips of my past
Replayed over and over just with a different make up this time
How can i find what doesn’t exist in the arms of what I’ve lost?
How can my tears be dried by rain?
How can my life feel so close to the edge yet I’m standing in the middle?
The last strings that hold me from dropping into the gaping jaws of hell have finally let go and now I feel burned
Lord knows I killed myself for what i’ve lost
I sold my soul to slavery to whom is now dead in mine path
I gave my heart to whom kept it in water to drown
I loved whom I thought was capable of loving but I was swimming in denial
Awake but still dreaming
I want you freed of me or maybe in reverse
Perhaps its the fates or the demon within
Maybe I’m not just made for this ball game
Or I just always end up in the wrong one were I’ve never won.

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