These words of life that sent me to hell are back
Words so few but yet heavy enough to break one’s heart
Spoken of it is meant to mean more than everything
But has suffered abuse and over use more than anything
These words I have heard even in my dreams
From all who lied and who didn’t; even with screams
Words used by many of whom in it did not believe
Yet these words fell from mouths of the moral and depraved to deceive
Hearts taken by force in disguise by these same words
Vulnerabilities used against people as to war with swords
Causing pain, grief and every opposite of its true intent
Breaking the good,the bad and the innocent
Leading the weak to their own death by self
Turning smiles upside down all for itself
O’ these words; so sweet, so everlasting
Amazing virtue , so eternal; but yet so blinding
Only those who truly fear the one who created these words of great divinity
Can in totality experience the joy it brings and of it wisely use in this crowd of uncertainty.
Better to think these words of Good Evil
Than say that which could enslave like the devil.

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