A story of a girl I now read
Who lost love to the wind
Lost hope to the dusk
And one who could no longer frisk
Rusted nails were set on her path
Treading on bare feet she was torn apart
How could life of such hate harness
Through those who seem ordinary with bitterness
She cried and danced all at once
To the beat of being beaten more than once
She was made weak by lies
Made proud by a paid price
Lonely and shamed she hid her face
From the crowd with whom she ran this race
She was lost in many different ways
Couldn’t find herself even after looking sideways.

But of this same girl another story I now read
One with clear skies and less greed
One with mind peace and rest
Of utter joy and life’s best
One she always thought impossible
One only she has made possible
Only of her power and minds will
Could this be created still
She stopped the search for madness
Revoked the spell of bitterness
Of this done not with words spoken
But of the power in her mind within a soul broken
She embraced life and of the good chose only to see
All her regret drowned at sea
Drank wine that made her soul sweet
The veil of sadness now slit
Her heart now beating to all that is good and more
Tears dried by rain pour
Face and mind renewed with smiles
Her life now full of surprise.

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