Skeptical Me.

I do not think we are here to play dice
Nor watch and learn as time flies
Nor eat and drink or steal
Nor make war and peace or kill
Nor love or hate or greed
Nor smile or weep or bleed.

I do not imagine we would all be free
From pleasure and pain and glee
From suffering and reject and lack
From life and death and black
From oneself and mind and torture
From today and tomorrow and the future.

I do not know what of this would become
Our character and foolishness and wisdom
Our lives and sweat and toil
Our health and wealth and spoil
Our body and soul and spirit
Our journey and world and instinct

I do not know what we believe in
Is it fame or power or good living?
Is it hope or humanity or faith?
Is it love or pride or fate?
Is it religion or science or arts?
Is it violence or charity or cars?

Of this I do know for sure
We’re all here for a purpose even those who are not pure
We would all be free in our minds only if we let it
I Imagine it impossible my self but impossible is nothing; so let it
We would become what ever we choose and desire
Even though not in our power it all ends in death; so be happy and respire
There’s a God who loves me and you and controls everything
Cannot force you to believe this too; but if you look beneath the surface; you’ll believe anything.

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