Shadows of Reality

I’ve been lost in this universe
Now found within this verse
I have seen men and women
Seek that which has a blank omen
Drawn to the lust of the flesh
Deceived by the demons of this place refresh
Made to see life as permanent
When obviously many have left this tournament
They crave all that is bad and all that is worse
They desire that which on their life becomes a curse
Everyone hunting for all that with time will fade
For money, fame and power and getting laid
Young people thinking they’d live forever
Engaged in all that their destiny forbids, they say now or never
Even the old have become slave to their own mind
Living in this place like madmen at war with themselves
Scouting for more and more only to store in shelves
Yes it will all rot and decay with time all of it
Material things will be wasted like vomit
If only these muggles would seek that which is eternal
That which with time would not diminish or cave in
But like love and hope and faith will be everlasting.

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