Emotion in Reverse

I’ve never really loved another like self
Yes I never even felt the sting of love of oneself
I once built a wall around my heart
To guard it from love and its counter part
And yes I was happy of course
Of a truth I was in another realm of bliss not a curse.

I’ve become a new man,
One who has seen a little bit of what to me was once a ban
Because of you I have broken that wall
I have reduced that mighty hedge with a wrecking ball
I have given you a space in my heart once full of dread
But you have replaced my tears with red

What I once feared has finally come to my reality
Everything I’ve fought for and defended all replaced by insanity
Because of you, I have chosen this path that leads to the end of my love
I dare not tread here anymore for now I see the signs from above
I wish me back to where I started from in motion
Oh I want to forever show no emotion.

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