The Hell Fire Club

Who Am I to judge these mortals
For of them I’m also a part
I do not know it’s members
For I have not crept through the portal
Still clinging to my breath With eyes wide shut
This story I have heard from pulpits
And read from ancient scripts thus
There is a paradise for the bended good
And there is a burning pit for the straight bad
Everyone craving the former filled with gold and happiness
But not ready to meet its requirements
I hear only those purged of iniquity
Those who are made pure by the supernatural force of faith
Qualify to pass the gates golden
But some don’t even believe its there
The latter is said to be filled with pain everlasting
Gnashing of teeth and chewing of brimstone as meat
many worship its entity and refuse the bad joy it brings
Those stone carved words have taught me
That those who eat their manna with a slice of sin
And even those who add a little pinch as spice
The same fate awaits all
Even now as I write I wonder?
Are we all entirely free from the bad?
Yes we strive to be all that is perfect in our own eyes but yet we fail.
At some point we all have drank sin as sweet wine
And have even qualified as bonified members
But still I havent slept into the afterlife
And cannot now say the members of this dreaded club.

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