My Reality

This is your life in color and mine in black and white
I told the face in the mirror never to live without a fight
Sworn to be what and all I’m meant to be in this short life
Of course its harder than sharpening a blunt knife
Wondering why this journey had to be the way it is
I ponder; thinking about the proposed bliss
How can you dine with kings and I with dogs?
Why can’t our toes be equal and my sky clear of fogs?
When will thinking myself to sleep end?
For myself can I even fend?

Nothing under the sun is free and fair they said
But some have it free and fair I said
As envious as I am meant to be, I decline the offer
Of course I wasn’t born into this originally to suffer
But what can I say? We can’t have it all?
Oh please spare me the nonsense of “there’s a reason”
Or that every crop has its season
Even the God of us chooses who to favour
And obviously he chose you, the one with color
And me, well maybe in a different way
I mean, I’m not yet dead and buried away.

My consolation you ask?
Is my self proclaimed task
I will sweat and bleed for what to you came with ease
I trust my strength, do not show me pity please
Living as though my spoon was silver
Sooner or later I just might become a believer
I’m sure climbing slowly but still climbling these stairs
for sure one day I will get to the top and mock my fears
Hardwork pays off they said
I have paid with my hardwork I will say instead.
And this is my reality.

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