As the days drew closer, I swear I could feel it
Everything seemed so real yet in my head
Nothing could reverse the demoralizing struggle between mind and soul
And body that felt weak and dead as stone
Like an anchor let down at sea to stop my happiness
The stars shone in black that night and I saw clearly like a light was on my path
Walking on the clouds like a maze I was lost
I’m not good at this and never will be
Still disturbed by the voices in my head I sometimes shut my ears with hands so frail
Of course it doesn’t work but yet I do it
They keep telling me things I refuse to comprehend
Yes I understand but i block the vision with eyes wide shut
Deliberately in my bliss as one ignorant
Desperate for mercy without sacrifice

The days are still not here yet
But the nights are
Pleasuring my brain with unusual sleep
Kissing my mind with nightmares of joy that I can and will never experience
Unconsciously I embrace the warmth of the breeze
The voices now so subtle and loud
Confusing everything I see in this world of dream
As I wander alone
I know the days just might never come
It just might end in this night I’m in
And remain an eternal expectation.

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