I Will Survive

i_will_survive__2_by_dev_moon-d5us48e - Copy

Yesterday I was killed
With a two edged sword as words from his mouth
I was misunderstood, judged and betrayed yet again
By he who caused damage and ruin in another life
Names that I’ve heard, acknowledged but never used
I was called
So sharp hitting my soul
My hands shaking got cold
I could feel my mind slowly dehydrating within me
Choking by my own breathe I could swear I was dying
I was weak and the usual began
My fountain burst open and it all poured down my cheeks and caked face as black lava
Liner and mascara all washed up causing stains on my almost perfect skin
For some seconds I blacked out although fully aware and awake and thought
“How can someone who once flattered with kind words
Because denied bliss, now curse as one scorned?”
So much hatred from a mere human just like me
I guess it was all deceit all along.
Everyday I learn
And today was a test
I can’t say I passed, but I can’t say I failed either
I believe in my life everything happens for a reason
So in the midst of defeat, I feel like I have won
Because I know the reason why and I stay grateful for the pain
With water to dry my eyes, I stay calm as sea
I will survive.

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