Mascara Tears

My thoughts hovered over my head like clouds so black
My soul dreamt of a day when it will no longer be distraught
My eyes wander with fiery wrath
Even when I saw the trouble in the mirror
The anger within me caused my eyes to bleed and spirit to shatter
And they fell on my cheeks like black lava
They burnt me and I broke down
Even fear became afraid of my stare
I don’t think of this as being a good thing
But journey with me to my eyes so you can see what I feel
Take this long road with me my friend
You will never know whats awaits unless you try
Distraught or not I’m not blind or deaf
I see a switch in nature
Soon for me
You, wait your turn
I’m waiting
Be nice, show me kindness so u will be called a kind man
Give me your hand lets pretend it has always been mine
Give me truth so I can put the pieces of my spirit together
Let me see you smile and watch my anger fizzle into non existence and my thoughts transparent
Lets dance now so I can dance for eternity
While the rain caresses my face
As it falls to the puddle like a rainbow
Prepare me for the sun thats coming
Will you pluck flowers and put in my hair to make me beautiful?
When the sun shines please take another journey with me
So you can see the real me.
I hope then you won’t need a flower in my hair to tell me I’m beautiful.

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