Behold, I’m Awake!

Honestly, for the most part, the world has not been my friend

The days have been too long, seeming without end

The nights have seen my eyes closed but no sleep

And I’ve been weary of love and hope and weep

The skys have fallen on my head more than once

The air in my world has choked me for many months

I have been bitter with and for no reason alike

I have been maimed and made to think a certain way towards life no psych

I have been hurt and burnt, distraught

Over and over and over and over. My happiness was cheaply bought.

I always thought to be happy; I had to have your smile

For what I already have I had begged from you and you gave me a mile

For dreams you know not of, I waited for your approval to pursue

To just give me the green and I’ll live my life for you

Unconsciously to you I said “take my bliss and make me work for it”

And you made me work alright, but I never got back my bit

Do you remember the life I’ve always had?

The one where you always chose you and I was sad?

Do you remember how everything you did was always about you?

And how you selflessly painted a picture of me without hue?

Well my mind has been whetted and purged

Knowledge came in paper form and showed me the truth with bliss merged

Happiness is in my heart, always has been, why did you lie to me?

Today, I let it all go away, decades of this disease of mind flea

I signed the treaty between mind, soul and body

I take back what is mine and to my entity embody

Never again will you have the key to my bliss or sit on my throne

Never again will my mind bow to being alone

I am me, I am my happiness, and I am everything you can’t take

Behold, I’m awake!

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