Rebirth uuu

This is not a drill

Or  any other type of deal

But rather a moment for you to think

Just sit back, relax and blink

Nothing in life is certain

Tomorrow? we can’t say for sure or draw the curtain

We know its out there, but it? we cannot grasp

We feel the gentle morning breeze and forget its all but a blissful gasp

With life, this bond we cannot escape

Or choose to ignore or reshape

Our worries cannot lengthen our days

Our treasure with time decays

So why not make merry the short story?

Why not adhere to the feeling of soul and mind

And just breathe in the positive energy  of humankind?

Just relieve your being of all grief and live in the now

Remembering the good, forgetting the past and just for a hopeful future, to life take a bow

Forming our brains to acknowledge only what takes our breathe away

Dancing for eternity from today with such graceful sway

Amidst troubled waters, we are still

Because we’ve only got one book to write with no chill

Be happy, love yourself, be at peace with your world and mine

Lets make the most of this journey  and keep digging like a gold mine

Believing in our strength and that of the universe

To bear us on wings of the eagle to the beginning of another verse

Our reality is now and not after

So live it like a love song filled with gratitude and laughter.

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