Be Nice!

The world is filled with want and need and more want
For everything that fades and caves in
Temporary 120 for the lucky and forever uncertain
For love of oneself in another and searching for that key to open doors
Craving a life, a smile, a painted future
Demanding fortunes from gods true and untrue
Kneeling before carved stones, praying for a magicians miracle
Somethings always not right even in plenty and full
Complaining to self and universe
Asking for cool in heat and heat in cool , never satisfiedwpid-screenshot_2015-06-07-14-56-10.pnghhh
And in time you realize one thing,
The cycle continues
It keeps recycling and recycling, it never truly goes away
We are afraid because we do not know the end
We cannot see where our happiness and sorrow leads
We do not understand what we are here for even if the rest think we do
Forever empty me and you
So lets fill our emptiness with our bitter sweet nothing
Lets accept the hi that comes with happiness and the low with sad
And just let it recycle, our joy will come in season, in time, in focus and work
Why not enjoy this treasure of mysteries, in the know that the bottomless pit in our minds, will never be full and then perfect our want by turning into expecting emptiness and getting a fill  from it
We are not as different as we think we are
Our differences giving us a “sameness”
Never give up hope for you and me
We will all get there, maybe  not together, but eventually
So love me, love you, love universe and be nice.

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