Free Your Mind

tumblr_lz16crqm6A1r4nor5o1_1280Don’t let them cage you

The thoughts i mean

The negativity that comes with the uncertainty we are surrounded by

The products of the past and the memories we treasure but regret

The feelings of everything that’s in sepia

Can you feel it?

Let them say you can’t dream

They can’t prevent you from falling asleep

Not literarily of course

They can’t dream it and turn it into life form for you

Shut them out

Don’t let it cloud your vision

The fails, The negativity i mean

Its bound to happen

Some long term, others no term

Don’t let them wander into your dark places too often

It just might kill the success buzzing

Don’t give them the luxury of wrapping you in rock hard shells

Reducing your space

Limiting your minds euphoria

Say no to drugs

D Raw Urge u Get Sometimes

To just give in to them, trust me it ain’t worth it

But let that true sensation of all that’s good take control

The positive i mean, not the false of course

Let it pleasure your brain

Exploring places you didn’t know existed

Let it take over your mind, cleansing and renewing your spirit

Let it drown the world and its mouth,

Opinions that do not have root

Just wait the storms coming.

Let it take over your soul and body

Practically separating life from thought

Leaving behind a place that will trigger your lips to smile

Let it bring back the taste of the laughter that you almost could not remember

Its only easy if you want it to

Free your mind!!!

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