Talk to Me.


Grey matter clouded by bones and fluid under grey skies

Walking aimlessly like one without direction

Moving as though hunger has been close for days, maybe weeks

Wind serving as guide to those slow and heavy steps

This is not real.

Its all in his head

Breathing and relishing on the days when things happened differently

not just for him but everyone, it was a little nicer and less complex

but these are not the days, back then

when the rain quenched our thirst and the lakes made us clean

when the sun made sure we had food for belly and thought

when even the cold gave us the space we needed for just a little warmth

when the choices we made were not the source of our misfortune.

but why did this change?

was it the words we spoke which was everything but the truth?

was it the ever changing perception we had of what right was meant to look like?

have we become fools to life because of what we so desperately need?

have we chosen to ignore those ancient values and scripts that have stood the test of time and passed?

is it still always about us and never about the world or nature or even others?

do you even see where I’m going with this?


He knew he made no sense to the lay man

so he spoke with his minds mouth:

These are the days where we give approvals to ignorant and mind confused men  or women?

Where we pick out the chaff and eat them and everyone says its okay

Where we taint our flesh with ink and then get pissed out when we scratch our self controlled metal motion?

where we pierce our flesh but wont let the truth pierce us as deep?

the days where we talk about the man whose soul is dead and act like the man beside us is dead?

the days where we forget that we were made by him?

where we worship the creature and act like the creator doesn’t exist?

where we let the prince of this world take our minds and cage it?

At this point he knew

They could understand and he smiled although his face was blank as a sheet and then he said:

We need him, or we would all die forever

we need to believe and accept his offer and let him help us with ourselves and society

we need to make our choices with more reason than before

trying to do right by our actions to self and others

this is not our home, he made us and we will tell him all that we’ve done, we are only passing

we need to study his love letter, understand it and love him right back

not letting the worlds prince tell us otherwise

now this is real both for you and me

showing love to all humankind regardless of how they treat us

The universe can help us, we just need to ask.

He’s waiting.

As he exhausted the words in his mind

if they listen or not? he knew he had done his part

He walked away and didn’t turn back.

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