Her Language


He spoke it

But with his eyes

Those eyes

They pierced into her consciousness

Searched her soul, and knew her

They told her she will forever be his even if she was miles away.

He would stare at her for seconds

But that was enough, it told him everything he already knew.

The softness of his lips made her tongue to dance

It was like the intertwining of rose petals, natural in its motion

Divine in its extraordinary simpleness

The way he held her so lightly while she lay on his tattooed chest

Made her feel even more protected from the world

She lost track of reality and her heart  smiled

To her,

He was beautiful

So perfectly sculpted, the flaws made perfect sense

He was a kind man, a buzz, an emotion of its own

He gave her feelings, till this day she cannot demystify

She swore she was insane, totally mad

She was obsessed with the entirety of his being

She was fascinated by the thoughts in his head she knew not

She was caged by his charm, screaming everything she wanted and longed for eternally

With him, she was in a moment that will last forever in her mind

She was safe, she was happy, she was alive

He was not the type to be expressive

But his blank face said it all.

He was her yin, she was his forever

But life came and gave him lemons.

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