Erase yourself from the crowd and stand on a foundation
Let your hard work slice their throats
Paying blood and sweat as offering
Its no mercy out here, we’re striving for greatness
Survivival of the thoughts, timing of the gods
We’re running like blind souls
Cutting in line and shunting
The solution to the problem of inequality will only destroy the balance
But we forget, our fingers will never be equal
Because why?
Because our minds are seperate
Because our seeds fell on different soil
Because our demons have taken over
Spirit animal of all kinds roaming in darkness

You think its a joke?
Wait and see how the tears will burn after you give up
You think its slow now but wait till there’s nothing to wait on
If you cross your legs and dream, dream and dream while you stare,
You will hear the devils laughter at the back of your head.
You will smell the smoke from hell.
Wake up now
Your mind is your tool, your idea, your weapon
In this life, its a battle of the minds
Today, now, take a leap
You are alive.

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