Only when he was asleep, did she discover the divine
The demon in him that has taken her soul captive
Beside him, head on his chest, all she had were her eyes
Searching his being as his flesh rose and fell beneath her
She felt the blood in his veins, it was warm
The tranquility of him added to her years that very moment
She prayed for his dreams to be calm because at dawn, his mind wandered maybe a bit too far and It made him not present
In the dark realm of night she smiled, her heart was joyful
Her leg on his, she ran her fingers down his body, delicately tracing the tattoos for which before, she showed him leviticus
He was deaf. But it made him, him
The rebel, the lover, the man
The spitting image of universe
The canvas of every woman’s dream
Her very own right
The manner with which he held her lower back and turned for comfort of her on him told her his secrets,
Hercules yet so vulnerable
Immortal to all who know him
He was a good man,
Who belonged to another.

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