Manipulation Man


[Poem about falling for the wrong one, the one filled with deceit and lies]

She had met the one
Hunky vessel shrouded in mystery
With tongue filled with twisted honey and vodka
With no wood setting her aflame
She was young and guilty of a pure heart
She was new to a world of old
Her eyes mirroring the reflection of him
The one with a face structured and lean
His words pierced her being
His lips cold as ice made her tingle and drip
His skin shimmered like stars in the night sky
His smile was her ecstasy
He French kissed her forehead
He said he’ll wait
He gave her butterflies with no wings
He waited and for once in her life she believed in something
She lept for joy and saw the crystal future
He was hers, she was his?
As the universe aligned, she was sure
And she gave him her essense, Her entirety
She poured out her vulnerability and gave him a drink
She let him taste her and he swore she was divine
He stroked her hair and said “I love you”
Her back to him, feet intertwined, arms around her neck
With a grin, he took the knife and slit her throat.

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