Pain Killer


[Poem about finding peace, saved by the one who was, is and is to come]

Inventory of the mindDocumentary of my life

I’ve been lost

Held captive by the one I’ve loved most

Brought to ruin by the voices in my head

The lies, the shells I picked up on this shore

Left behind by the waves of life

Nothing was the same

Never will be

I took the wrong turn

Answered to a name that was never mine

Put on a lifestyle of compromise as glad rags

Rested my head in his bed for the night

Caught in the act by pills and lean

In the midst of it all

I wanted a way out

A permanent fix to the withdrawal symptoms of hate

A high that would last forever

An antidote to the madness

Methadone to set me free from this curse of self destruction

I did my best to stay away

I hid, in closets I trembled in fear

Blurred vision, tears burned my eyes wide shut
But still I was lost

Held captive by the one that loved me to death

Brought to ruin by the voices of temptation

But you found me in this filth

You took my fibble hand

And led me to the sea

You wrapped me in your arms

Warm and comforting

With words sharper than swords

You set me free

Under the shadow of your wings, from harm you hid me


You and only you

By your death

You saved me from myself

From my mind, from the world’s Prince

With your blood you bought me back

You, my God

The Gate for the Sheep

My pain killer.

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