[Poem about the person lost within the
madness,  living a lie, a life of compromise, searching for fulfillment]

A good girl in the wrong dress

Searching for a fathers love in the arms of a thug

Head held high in shame

Face masked by fake brows and ruby woo with a smile as fake as her 24inch weave


A good man in the wrong hair

Searching for a mother’s love in the arms of a slag

Cold hands tucked in pockets with holes drilled by her

With a degree in evading true emotions lurking within as though feeling nothing

Everyone has a purpose

Not everyone knows this fact

So when the mirrors fall and the lines become crooked, the misery becomes overwhelming

The search for fulfillment becomes life threatening

Materialistic nonsense as suction

Used to drain the life from their souls yet nothing  changes


They seem happy but what lies beneath?

Loneliness, guilt, the truth

The all time want for all that’s fair and expensive in this big little world that’s different now yet still the same

Moral decadence endorsed as the new norm and they indulge

Dreams conjured to reality yet their glass remains half empty

Merry go round of emotions, triggered by substance and hormones

Drifting in and out of sanity in a place only real in their heads,
All man lost within the madness

Living a life of falsehood, regret and fun

With smiling faces laced with sorrow and completely sold out to compromise


The antidote to this state of lovelessness and emptiness

Is finding love in the Word of Him that made all things, birthing peace like still waters

Embracing the Grace He offers that’s truly free, truly free….and finding joy

This is not the life you chose

It’s time to say no to this Facade.

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