[For the one with a broken heart, with feelings that cannot be named]

As i thought of you, i froze

The sound of your voice rushing back into my head, like blows

My world is empty and vain

Without you here, in my life’s train

Nothing can be compared

They can never understand the depths of the feelings we shared

The raw synergy

The timeless bond, our energy

It was amazing, there was nothing like it

The melody our hearts beat

The fusion of souls, a grand design

The intertwining of life divine

Perfectly sculpted one for the other

A lover, a friend, closer than a brother

Our love, sacred like a religion

Our force, stronger than any legion

Personalities drafted to be in sync

Unexplainable even in ink


But the high began to fade

The lines began to degrade

It was like the gods were vexed by what we had

They got jealous, they got mad

And set the wheels in motion for us to crash

Our hearts water they intended to splash

Skies began to descend, as the air soared

The downpour overwhelming as the seas roared

It was like of me they wanted you to betray

They made you go astray

The power to hurt me, on you they bestowed

They watched as my tears like streams flowed

I could hear them laugh

I could feel the merriment up in the clouds as you danced on their behalf


And now I’m broken

By you my love, to pain I’ve awoken

A pain that has no name

Amidst it’s fame

I’m numb inside

Weary from forces that made you toss me aside

I cannot feel my face

Here, where your daggers have taken abode, this place

I saw you with her

The one from you I tried to deter

Of whom you said was no one

But was the one who of you, eventually won

The pieces of my heart are lost with the wind, under the sun they burn

But still my soul craves you, my sweet Thorn

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