The Aftereffect


[Poem for the one who feels judged. PS: we’re all the same and we all have a past so quit judging people, life is simply complicated uno]

You wake up, life on repeat

Eyes open, mind busy

Casually decoding what’s real and what seems to be

Memories spontaneously being replayed

Feelings rushing in like floods

Dictating your moment, your reactions

I know you made mistakes, I did too, still do you and I

They get even bigger as the wrinkles start to show

Maybe we’re getting better at this, life you and I

Behind backs, the talking, the biting, the stabbing

At one time or another, of this crime we’re found guilty

We get lost

Somewhere between want and need

Perfection just a mirage

But still we hope and dream it will quench this thirst.

For all that with time fades

Motivation birthed from the envy of others

The speck in the eyes of others so clear we see them through the blinding logs in our own eyes

Everyone pointing fingers, casting stones

Spitting hate in the comment section without a flying care

Yet we lose it when karma strikes

We feel betrayed when the hate falls on us like the next domino

Oh Indescribable life, sequel with an end not in sight

Here we forget that we all get to die someday

That we all have a right to be who we are and do what the hell we want

We forget it’s only a matter of time before we find ourselves caught in the act, doing the same things we’ve condemned

I know I do things you don’t understand

I know you have the key to your mouths door

But as you ponder I know you see the you in me that’s awful familiar

And the me you see today is just the aftereffect of yesterday, just like you

So please,

Don’t judge me!!!

3 thoughts on “The Aftereffect

  1. shedding bits
    by second.
    i don’t
    judge you, for
    not recognizing
    my pieces.

    beautiful expression……..really liked it! 🙂

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