[For the heartbroken uncertain about the future]

The death of my heart
Someone call an ambulance
My mind’s not breathing
With eyes deaf yet
The words keep echoing in my head “I never loved you”
How could this be?
I smile as the denial creeps in, settling deep, I even laugh
And then the laughter fades, with a bitter taste left as trail on my throat
Raw vodka in hand, eyes bloodshot from the tears
I pace up and down the shore
as I contemplate the long walk I plan to embark
A walk of no return into the water until I float, lifeless, eternally numb
Without a note left behind for clarity
I remember your smile and my feet give in to the pressure
Kneeling as if worshiping the waves
I stare into the unknown
I see my reflection in the water and the mountains fall
The windows fly open, pouring down ice on my soul
Freezing all hope into dust
Words are not enough
My walls are shattered
My back to the sand, gazing at the sky as ceiling
I realize it’s not worth it but I allow myself to feel anyway
Broken, I stand and bade farewell to the water
Walking back to my reality I wonder
Will I ever recover?
Will I ever take the risk to love again?

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