Slippery Slope

img_0307Picture by Altalamatox
[For those who can’t seem to stay on the straight and narrow]

He said “pick a sin, stick with it”

But he forgot about the cliché of one leading to another

The following, like a fan in motion

The downward slide of one still climbing

It only takes one thought

To ignite the powers in play

Compelling mind and body to relapse into ways old

Slowing slipping back into the past

Dreaded, despised yet yearned for

Reminiscing a time of ruin yet wanting it even more

The wages of sin is death

A death of one with oxygen still dancing through its lungs

You reap what you sow and it just never ends

You lose yourself but for a second

And the walls you’ve built around your mind

All come crashing down

Piece by piece, like dominos

One after another like snowflakes

And then you’re back where you started

Where you dreaded,despised, are now stuck

Wondering how you got there

Regret glued to your head like hair

The sting of tears hot, streaming down, scalding your face

And then you awaken, you get up, you start over

Avoiding, evading, rehabilitating

And you’re cured

But the thoughts again come

Triggered by sight or company

You think you’re okay

You say to yourself “I’m strong enough”

But then you fall


Deeper, scarier, more intensely you stumble

Slipping back into ways old and new

The guilt brought to death by denial

This weakness of the mind

Who has the antidote?

It just never ends

It just never ends

This slippery slope of our lives.

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