Cloudy Days

(Art by Colleen Barry)

I’ve done everything

Prayers sent out to the divine unseen

Seeds sown waiting for just that drop of rain

Cast lots, played my cards right with hardwork and wishful thinking

This force that has no name

Causing our bliss to pause abruptly

Timer set by the unknown for normalcy to be rebirth at will

Days and days past yet no dew

Frustration clinging ever so tightly

Mocking efforts and plans

Is this my karma?

For sins offered to life as offering

Do I deserve this wait?

It’s like my feet is stuck in ice

Ice like soldiers slowly marching towards my heart

Heart failing but still faintly beating

Patience running out, I might go back

To the days where the consequence didn’t matter

Where I chose me and was blind

Where I accepted my fate

And knew I wasn’t in control, never will be

And just lived as it came

Is this the better way?

Conscience pleading no

I just want to be happy!!!

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