(Art by Helenchan150)

I feel good today, 
Everything’s going great but I can’t help but ponder

The what ifs all in my head space

Taking me away from now, abducting me from the present 

Here, Just thinking about you, beautiful pain, 

The necessity of your inevitable touch on our existence

Without you, we would never know true joy, true love, happiness even peace

The after effect of you always refines us

Makes us the better, purer, truer versions of who we really  are 

Sometimes I ponder on your purpose

It’s amazing how you’re always there, hand in hand 

Hurting yet like a puppeteer guiding us down this indescribable life

Is it wise to anticipate the next pain that will lead me a step closer to myself?

Are you the only path that leads to the truth true?

Pain my Sweet, without you, what is true?

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