The Sound

Sounds of music from the wind, sounds of waves settling my insides
I come here to find peace, some quiet for my rambling mind
Here is where the waters collide to quench The sadness, like a tomb rolling a stone over it
It’s okay to feel blue and a little bit of black
But when the water cannot calm the soul that’s when the alarm goes off, worry then
I hear the sound of my beating heart, my life line singing its melody till a time unknown
Splashes, wetness, drenched, dripping
As I walk away from my safe haven, I hear the sound of the sadness being swept away by the waves
Bidding my back farewell until we meet again

Photo by JAM1978

2 thoughts on “The Sound

  1. The ocean certainly has this power to draw out our sadness and soothe our souls. It’s interesting, and true, that sounds from the ocean’s movements can be, indeed, quieting.

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