Sitting on this cold floor, angling myself to be closer to the charger to my phone, I feel the pain in my butt but I’m okay with it, flipping through social media I pause for a moment to think of you, your love for me, am I on the right track? Does this please you now? I know what you want from me but can I give it? Am I willing? Am I holding back just long enough to watch you fade into the backgrounds until I fall deep, deeper into the place where I’ll find you waiting? I know you’re there and I know you’re here now but can you help me now? Can you make all things new for me? Can you cover me with your wings as I stand naked, shivering in this cold of life? Will you show me mercy? Is this a lesson? Will I regret this? Too many questions, how long before you answer? My mind is pacing, pacing again!!!

One thought on “Pacing

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