Beautiful, so beautiful
Our world, everything made
As I conquer my fear of heights and take the jump, I find myself seated here high up on these rocks at Gurara watching the falls.
Do you not believe in a God yet?
Listening to the sound of the waters as they fall down into the river, like lavender this beauty soothes my trion being, calming me, fulfilling the purpose for which she was born; to give freely peace, so tender. Descending, I settle by the river bank with my feet in the water cold, here the balance is birthed, cooling yet igniting thoughts as clear as crystal
Here I feel the blue withering away, the chaos settling at the bottom of the river, I feel alive now, as I rest in your arms warm, sweet mother

Source: Photo and video by me, Eyowel Basilia

Location: Gurara Falls, Niger State, Nigeria 🇳🇬

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