The poison we drink praying it keeps us alive, this constant joggle between extremism and routine-ism, it makes no difference what you believe in, the truth or a “lie”, somehow we find ourselves under this umbrella, trapped in the cycle of greed, half truths and utter neglect of the true faith, we find ourselves only seeking God for the promise of what we can get, you are guilty, me included. The focus is less on LOVE and spirituality and more on judgmental obsessions fueling hate crimes and terrorism. Manipulative dictators as teachers, teaching teachings to fatten pockets from the remnants of the poor and the broken as puppets at the detriment of our temporary home (the world), false prophets prophesying  prophecies to instill fear in desperate sheeples for monetary gain. How did we get this far? The way out? Let us awaken, let us hope, let us come strong, let us connect, let us seek God for ourselves, let us think with our powerful minds and let us Love one another because Organized Religion is slowly becoming the enemy instead of the solution and light to a world full of darkness. Let Love define us, not religion because God is LOVE!!!

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