Hard and Bitter 

Once you’ve taken the jump from Everest’s peak to love and be loved, there’s really no going back. Fear, uncertainty, reason. To give yourself, undiluted, fragile to another soul to be the guardian, to wrap your arms around their heart, to keep it warm. You set on a journey to risk a time in time till a time unknown, to taste the sweet and sour of it, the search for security, for certainty, for permanence. Will he love you back the way you do him? Will she be willing to accept your flaws, your weaknesses pure? The truth; love and pain are inseparable like the twin gods of day and night, it’s all or nothing, so love for love, prepare yourself for the pain, feel it right now, now where the road is smooth and paved with gold and bronze, breathe…

Picture from the Elephant journal

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