Psalm 73

Why? I think I love you and it feels like they don’t but how is this possible? They have it all, I have it all, YOU but they can’t see it and so they laugh. “Hypocrites, fake, too much, in denial, not real” that’s what they say to me when I say your name, they don’t believe you’re there, in control, watching, waiting, listening, they have no clue how relentless you’re. Sometimes I cry because I desperately want to be accepted, loved, touched, to just see your face and hear you whisper in my ears “I am always with you and I love you”. they seem not to care but I think they do deep down, they’re just lost here like me. Who have I in heaven but you? Are you enough for me? My feet may fail and my strength may go weak but you, you still remain the strength of my heart and I love you!

Picture by Centerbranch

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