I’m not the one 

I’m not who you think I am
I’m not the girl in your lucid dream
Don’t believe the facade, the hologram; that I have this all together
No, I’m broken inside
I’m lost in a maze that keeps changing and I can’t find a way out
I’m swimming in an ocean of questions unanswered, it feels like drowning 
I’m trapped in the system, glitching, trembling from the virus of this life
I don’t trust my feelings, I can’t stand yet another betrayal
I’m not in control; at least on the inside 
I can’t read your mind and so I panic, I ponder on the wild assumptions my mind creates to torment my senses
I’m not sure where this is going and I trip over and over again without a clue
I’m fighting a battle that has no name, me against the world; my own little reality
I need saving too, I need to be free
But this is not what you see
What you see is a pure soul, your light, your moment of peace
You see the perfect rose amidst the thorns
But darling what lies beneath is chaos wrapped in the perfect smile.

Picture by worlds worst tourist 

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