I am god

A name is not a name until you answer to it
Happiness is the key but where is the door?
Words end, mind begins, digging for fool’s gold
One day, I want to be a skyscraper, to be so high up, to not see the world below
I want the fear to tremble at my presence, to feel the feeling of being afraid
I want to set out on a path through the woods, I want to find mother; nature
I want to run away to Saturn; spin on the ring around her heart as I behold the moon Tethys
I want to dare life to deal its card; to lay it down on the table and watch me “win”
There’s no exception to the rules of the game, there’s no deception to rule them
And when I return; the world will sing my song, history will be made, the very foundations of the earth will be shaken because the force…the force is in me…I am god. 

Art by Ivette Cabrera
Inspiration; Psalms 82:6  “I say, ‘You are gods; you’re all children of the most high” (NLT)

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