In the Middle

favim . com

you know that wavy line…the one

between extreme and not?

well, i crossed it. i got

caught up in a life that

wasn’t mine, dancing to the

sweet melody of curiosity.

i spied her hazel eyes and

for the first time, wrong felt

goddamn right.

what was i supposed to do?

not kiss and tell?

her soft voice whispered to me

“sober is boring”…i listened

and it was indeed, except

i forgot the blurred line, the one

between just enough and too much.

in the end, i lost my mind

to find the truth and if you’re

wondering, of course i still

indulge my hand picked vices

only this time, the line is

lucid…now i know better to

stay in the damn middle.



Inspiration: Ecclesiastes 7:16-18 NLT (My favorite book of the Bible btw)

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