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How do you convince a person that being alone is okay? as a virgo i don’t have these problems, fact of the matter; time alone is a necessity for my existence, to recharge, to get back all the energy spent mingling and being social. yet i suffer. in this internet age and man made paradox of social media, it’s near impossible to not feel like you’re missing out on something, whatever it may be, god only knows. 25 and a half but I feel like i don’t belong in this time, “this entitled, “can’t handle reality, anxiety generation”. these days, what’s fun without self-medicating? what’s day to day life without our dear vices? i’m no saint, hell every weekend i get high enough to be the first damn snowflake to land on fucking mars. but i’m being modest, in my mind i’ve got more self control than most who stay overdosing on likes and hate, still; its hard to say no when everyone else is “partying”. what more do i need to feel truly happy? life is beautiful enough but damn these drugs enhance her beauty, like makeup or a crush, the excitement is what we live for. consequences are like karma and although i fear many fears, somehow there’s this unwavering balance to my life, like every sunrise, a promise never broken. if you ever find yourself lost in this world, pinky swear that you’ll come back home, where your heart belongs.

Picture: shutterstock

Inspiration: FOMO means Fear of Missing Out  (listening to Bad Bunny – Yo le Llego)


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