I do.

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She said “i can’t wait to get married and be happy” and i found her statement damn well laughable. i’m not old, 26 years of life experience is all i have in my portfolio, 8 months of which i’ve spent married and i can assure you that the single life is the easy life. i said  “if you can’t be happy now, the right man wouldn’t change that,” not ever.

Love is a choice, and being married is one helluva choice. the responsibility of loving someone else unconditionally through highs and lows is not an easy one. i told her to enjoy her life now where she is, but she doesn’t get it, hell i still don’t get it too, i however understand that we’re each responsible for our happiness, our mind peace and no one can save us from ourselves. even in love, we don’t always feel romantic or crazy about our partner but the commitment keeps us going, the acceptance of all that they’re, flaws et al, strengthens us to fight another day until death do us part and if not; whatever we shared echoes into eternity.

Everyday is a lesson learned. maybe one day i’ll look back on this post and find my foolishness hilarious. until then i realize that i know nothing, that true love is hard f**king work and the woman makes the home. change is the only known in the equation and no one can see how the future will unfold but we hope it will be good or that the pain we’ll overcome. I can’t tell you how to live, hell i barely take my own advice but in my opinion; “Love yourself first and be happy, then you’ll have enough love to give; the kind that stands the test of time.”

The end!

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Inspiration: Conversations with a friend. Try listening to Without You by For King and Country. (Find the meaning of true love here –>1 Corinthians 13:4-7)


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