vox . com

No highs without lows

nor fights without blows

our scars, it shows

but we accept our woes

hook, line as it flows.

Even when doors close

and life slows,

the stone she throws

become the seed that grows.

Happiness no one owes

the choices we chose

have made us foes,

our brains froze

and grew thorns like a rose.

Lights flash as we pose

but we’re no pros

and as the story  goes

we each get our dose

of this life as it rows

ever in the dark as it glows.

This is no prose;

in the past, when tides rose

we fled like crows

but now everyone knows

that come rains, come snows,

we survive or fall like dominos.


Picture: vox.com

Inspiration: It’s my Birthday!!! I’m 26 today! (Try listening to Travis Scott – Serenade)






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