Leaving Barbados; My Quest For Dual Citizenship Continues

My request to extend my visa in Barbados got rejected. The Barbadian Immigration Authority felt I didn’t have a good enough reason to extend my stay in Barbados. I had to leave the Island at the expiration of my 1 month visa stamp I got at GAIA.

It sucks to leave sooner than I expected but spending 1 month in Barbados, I learned a lot of things and i’m truly grateful for having this experience of a lifetime. I’ll miss the breezy island, the beaches and the very nice Bajan people that call it home. I’ll do my best to write helpful articles and tips about Barbados like places to visit, credit card and cash restrictions, restaurants to try, sports amongst other details to help anyone who is interested in knowing more about the Island.

Outdoor Check-in counters at GAIA

My flight route was BGI-FRA-ABV, with Eurowings. I found it interesting that the GAIA has an out door check-in for departures. It’s the first time i’ve seen this.

Flight Map Bridgetown to Frankfurt on Eurowings flight

I may be leaving Barbados but my quest for dual citizenship continues and if i’m lucky, i’ll document my journey, who knows I may even come back to Barbados but we’ll see how it goes.

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All videos and images taken by Basilia Frankel.

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