Food in Barbados: What do Barbadians Eat?

a plate of fried rice with some boiled plantain and fired chicken, some mayonnaise and
Fried rice with boiled plantain, fried breaded chicken with coleslaw and some mayonnaise

I hate to say this but I didn’t really like the food in Barbados. For one, I’m a sucker for fish and I saw some of the biggest fish in Barbados however, the fish didn’t really taste great or familiar regardless of how it was made. Barbadians also like to bread their chicken and fish and I hated this as well.

Traditionally, Barbadians eat cou cou with fried flying fish, macaroni pie, fried/grilled breadfruit, chow mein, buttered cassava, dolphinfish, rice with split peas, fried/boiled plantain, okro, yams, sweet/english potatoes, salads, just to name a few. Barbadians also like to use bajan spicy sauce with their meals.

The foods I did love in Barbados were the plantain, okro and yams which are popular foods in Nigeria and reminded me of home 😁.

Below is a slideshow of typical foods Barbadians eat (swipe left to see more)

  • a plate of fried rice with some boiled plantain and fired chicken, some mayonnaise and
  • A plate of Breaded fish with boiled plantain, macaroni pie, coleslaw and a blob of mayonnaise
  • a plate of fish with rice and lentils with potato salad and lettuce salad on the side
  • a plate showing rice with lentils with beef stew, potato and lettuce salad
  • a plate of fried rice chow mein with noodles

Which of these dishes would you try? leave a comment below

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