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About Lucas Vicente

Hi, Oi, Olá!

I am Lucas Soares Vicente a language tutor from Brava island of Cape Verde, currently residing in Santiago island and i’ll be your Kriolu teacher. I am an English graduate of the University of Cape Verde (UniCV) and I teach English and Kriolu.

I have partnered with Five Foot Nomad to teach you Kriolu. My objective is not only to teach you, but to empower and enable you through your learning. Whether you’re visiting Cape Verde for vacation or relocating to start your new life to work or invest here, you can learn Kriolu with me to help you make the process smoother and without any language barriers.

I understand that no two students are the same which is why I will be teaching you online either in a small group class or one-on-one to cater to your individual learning needs. I am friendly, patient, attentive with my students and I teach based on an effective methodology I have developed overtime, which will get you speaking Kriolu quickly.

My Kriolu courses are divided into Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced levels and all courses are tailored to get you speaking Kriolu in no time. With my courses, you’ll learn how to:

+ Communicate with the locals

+ Understand what is been said back to you

+ Understand and use grammatical and linguistic features of Kriolu with ease

+ Go from complete beginner to building your own sentences after the very first lesson

+ Give your opinion in Kriolu

+ Get to grips with Kriolu pronunciation amongst other things.

I know you probably want to start learning right away, so I will let you register and get right to it.

I look forward to being your tutor. Happy learning!