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If you feel miserable at your 9-5 job, you’re unemployed or you just want to earn extra income, then my Fiverr guide may have reached you at just the right time.

What’s Inside?

This guide provides guidance on how to start earning income online, using real life scenarios from my personal experience working on Fiverr. I show you how to work online and I share proven strategies to fast track the process for you so you can become financially free and live the life you want.

You’re in Good Hands

Fiverr – Online Income in 30 days will help you:

  • Get started working online and will guide you towards earning online income within 30 days.
  • Learn all the beginner mistakes to avoid and have assess to pro-tips based on my experience.
  • Get to know the strategies I’ve used to go from earning $125 on my first job in July 2020 to earning at least $1000 netto in September 2020.

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My Fiverr Journey with Pictures

I’ve been working 100% online as a real estate administrator and virtual assistant for over 2years now and I must confess, working online has changed my life.

In a bid to make extra income, I started working on Fiverr in July 2020 and ever since, I’ve learned so much and I’m amazed at my growth.

My first job on Fiverr was a $15 job to write 40 Instagram captions for a life coaching company. Once the client contacted me, I showed my expertise by providing real value and it became a $125 job.

Ever since, I’ve gone on to charge $2 per Instagram caption and I write hundreds of captions weekly.

Basilia Fiverr gig details
My Fiverr profile showing my gigs

Now I offer social media management and marketing services for brands, where I earn $1080 monthly from one client alone working part-time.

Fiverr online income testimonial
Fiverr Instagram manager/marketer for 30days

I believe working online from anywhere is the future and anyone who is ready to change their lives can make the switch to earning 100% online. All it takes is wanting freedom bad enough to take action.

Basilia Fiverr Reviews
My Reviews

In my Fiverr guide, I share with you all you need to work on Fiverr, from creating an optimised profile, to getting your first client and earning online income within 30days.

I also share all the strategies I’ve used to earn income and scale up quickly.

My Fiverr earnings page

This guide is guaranteed to show you the step by step process of earning online using Fiverr.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What happens after I purchase the guide?

After you purchase the guide, you’ll receive the guide in your email within 1 hour, (check your inbox or spam).

How soon will I get clients?

If you implement all the strategies I discusses in the guide to the detail, you’ll get clients within 30days

What happens if I’m having payment issues?

You can send me a DM on Instagram or send me an email.

What do I do if I have questions while reading the book?

Send me an email.