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5 years ago, I was living in Abuja working my 9-5 job. My monthly income was #50,000 naira ($138) and from that sum, I had to pay my rent, cover my bills, my transportation to work, feed myself, clothe myself and somehow manage to send money back home. Considering the high cost of living in Abuja, I was basically living from hand to mouth and this was not the life I imagined after university, it certainly wasn’t what I wanted from my life.

My decision to immigrate out of Nigeria didn’t happen overnight, the idea started brewing out of frustration from a never ending cycle of spending my very limited resources trying to survive daily. Not only that, I was constantly stressed and spending my money compensating for the lack of basic amenities.

Bacalar – Quintana Roo, Mexico

Living in an environment like Nigeria that lacks all the basic amenities available in any normal country like; 24/7 electricity, good roads, safety, security, infrastructure and a health system that works, it’s extremely hard to keep your head above water.

I was working really hard, sometimes working overtime just to earn that extra 1k, but after a few years, I realised I had nothing to show for all my hard work, I wasn’t moving forward in my life and I felt like I was throwing all my resources into a bottomless pit.

Let’s not forget the constant fear of not being safe in Nigeria with no one to trust as the majority of Nigerians live well below the poverty line and are all trying to survive just like I was. This chronic lack and deprivation drove me into depression, I knew I deserved better and I had to find a way out.

East coast beach st. Phillip, Barbados

All of these experiences led me to realise that I had to find another way to work and earn enough money to relocate out of Nigeria otherwise the cycle of hopelessness will never end. Thankfully, after 2 years of struggling, a lot of tears, fighting and not giving up, my dream came true as I currently live in Cape Verde and work as a digital nomad, earning my income online.

If you’re like me and you’ve decided to relocate out of Nigeria, I commend your guts and the fact that you too have realised you deserve better than what you’re getting and you’re ready to do what it takes to have a better life, if not for you, at least for your family.

Burg Eltz – Wierschem, Germany

Emigrating to another country is the dream, however it also takes a lot of courage, research, planning, making tough decisions and adapting. Since I started posting about my travels online, in the last few months, I’ve received hundreds of emails and instagram DMs from people asking me how they can relocate to another country.

After discussing with them, I realised the majority of them had no idea what it meant to relocate and some did not know if they had the resources to do so or how to move forward with their plans. I did my best to guide the people who reached out to me on what to do but I’ve seen that there are a lot more people out there who want to relocate but don’t know how to go about it.

Moreeb dune – Liwa, United Arab Emirates

As a Nigerian who has relocated to multiple countries, and single-handedly organised all my visas, I have experience travelling around the world and I’d love to share the knowledge i’ve gained along the way. I’ve come up with an affordable way to help any serious Nigerian get the information to help them take the right steps towards relocating to a place where they can live a higher quality of life, feel safe and feel like their life has value.

I can help you determine if you’re eligible to relocate to the country of your choice and advice you on the immigration options available to you based on your situation. I can also provide you with the right information to help you assess your relocation plans. If you’re ineligible for relocation and you don’t know what to do, I can show you an alternative way you can relocate for a better life.

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