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As a digital nomad who works completely online with international companies and earns a good income, based on my experience, i’ve come up with a way to help Nigerians get better jobs, earn a good income, travel/relocate, work online if they choose to and in general live a better life.

The qualification you’ll need to become a well paid professional abroad is a Teaching English as a Foreign Language; TEFL Certification. As a native English speaker and a bachelor’s degree holder, with this certificate, you’ll qualify to apply for English as a Second Language (ESL) teaching jobs abroad. These ESL jobs will offer you the opportunity to earn a significantly higher pay, get accommodation allowance from your employer including health insurance, even your visa may be organised for you.

The TEFL certification usually costs around $300 which is a huge sum for typical Nigerians. This is why i’ll show you the legitimate platform you can get your TEFL certification at a very affordable price. Upon completion of the questionnaire below, i’ll send you the link to this TEFL platform so you can start learning right away.

The first step of this consultation is for you to fill out a questionnaire designed to get to know you better and understand your situation. Filling this questionnaire accurately will allow me analyse your current situation, in order to provide you with the right information specific to you. This will help you take steps in the right direction towards your dream of relocating out of Nigeria and i’ll be right here to hold your hand every step of the way.

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