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Confused about the skillset you can use to earn money online? I can help you!

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“A skill is something you’re good at doing. It could either come naturally to you, or it could be something you’ve learned to do well overtime either through training or experience”.

Imagine yourself working online, using your skills to earn at least $300 monthly extra income from the comfort of your home. Think about how the money you’ve earned could cover some of your expenses, pretty cool right?

I’m a digital nomad and I work 100% online as a virtual assistant, real estate administrator and I offer a variety of gigs on Fiverr.

Working online has changed my life in ways I could never have imagined. I have the
– Flexibility to work from anywhere in the world
– I don’t spend any money on transportation to work
– I work whenever I want at my own pace
– I earn enough income to travel the world and live the life of freedom I always wanted.

Skills are what you need to work online and matching the skills you have with the right jobs, will take you one step further towards earning income online and living a life of true freedom like me.

Working online gives you the freedom to relocate without getting a job prior to relocation. People who work online have their own visa class

The benefits of working online are endless and working online has never been more relevant, especially for Nigerians who dream of relocating.

Many countries like Australia, Germany, Spain, Costa Rica, have a designated visa class for people who work 100% online. For Nigerians, this not only reduces the visa competition, but it increases your chance of getting a visa to relocate to the country you want.

The first step to working online is deciding the skills you have and can use to earn money.

To help you figure out the skills you can use to work online, here’s an exercise for you:

Ask yourself these 4 questions:

1. What do I love doing? 
2. What are my strengths?
3. Which job will I never be tired of doing?
4. What skills am I willing to learn?

Write down all these questions and take a moment to think about your answers. Answering these questions will give you an idea of what you can do.

Once you write down all your answers, go online and research all the jobs related to your answers.

For example, If you
1. Love using social media
2. Your strength is graphic designing
3. The job you will never be tired of doing is writing and
4. You’re willing to learn marketing,

It becomes clear that you can do a job that requires you to use social media, graphic designing, writing and marketing (Skills).

Then you go on Google and research “social media online jobs” of “writing online jobs” etc.

You’ll see a list of jobs you can do like Social Media Manager, Social media marketing, Graphic designing for Instagram, Caption Writing etc.

Then research how much you could get paid for each one and choose the job that has the highest earning potential

Congrats! you’ve just found the skill you can work with online and jobs you can do.

When working online, the key is to do what you love and what you’re absolutely good at. If you don’t love the skill you’re using to offer services, you’ll easily become de-motivated especially when you have a lot of clients and a lot of work.

When working online, the key is to do what you love and what you’re absolutely good at.

But when you’re doing something you love, your passion for the work will keep you motivated.

Once you figure out the skill you have, it’s time to polish it by practising so you’ll be able to do a perfect job working online.

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Skill Assessment Test

If you feel like you just can’t figure out the skill you can use to work online, I can help you.

With my Skill Assessment Test, you’ll answer key questions that will be analysed. I’ll compare your personality, your strengths, weaknesses, work experience and your soft skills to give you a clearer picture of the skills you have and the online jobs you can do with it.

Your Skill Assessment Result will come with:

  • A list of high demand online jobs you can do based on your assessment.
  • Recommendations on how to learn the skills that will increase your earning potential.
  • Tips from my soon to be released Fiverr Guide to get you started on Fiverr.

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What happens when I start the assessment?

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When will my Skill Assessment Result be Ready?

Your Skill Assessment will be ready within 7 days and you’ll receive the results in your email.
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You can make payments directly using a debit card, online banking, bank transfer, USSD code and Visa QR.

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What happens if I get charged twice?

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What if I want to add additional details to my Skill Assessment?

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