I have you

I have you

I’m reaching out, stretching out my soul for you to lift me up. I’m seeing stars, dreaming dreams that have long faded away. I’m hanging on to a jaded past of lonely nights and silk scars. Innocence is not here, the child is still a child but only now forgotten inside. Uncertainty is the only certainty we know and the mirrors will never tell a lie, even though I hold the clay, all that is and all that will be is not in my hands to mold, but I have you, my potter, the fire that never sleeps. 

Picture; http://www.espiritualidaddigital.com
Inspiration; Audio Adrenaline – Fire Never Sleeps 

Fool’s gold

Fool’s gold

You love me
Your life you gave just to see me breathe
You broke my chains, you set me free
You took the fall, to see me soar beyond the skies
But I broke my wings and ran away from you, searching for fool’s gold.

Picture; Pinterest
Inspiration; Colton Dixon- Fool’s gold