His joy

His joy

it’s hard. i’m tired

sick of pretending like

i’m strong enough to ride this wave.

some nights i cry more than once; doubts

rocking me to sleep like the

sound of troubled waters. to hang

on to a gleam of hope is

not for the weak…

i won’t give up…his joy

will be my strength


Picture; favim.com

Inspiration; No one can steal our joy – Tenth Avenue North

Our gift

Our gift

We’re not like the moon, that hovers, forever giving moonlight

We’re not like the sun, that burns bright forever sustaining life

We’re not like gravity, that will pull everything down, until the end of the end

But we’re creators, we become whatever we choose

This is our gift.

Picture; DeviantArt

don’t forget 

don’t forget 

we’re black and white, young and old. we’re miles apart, the wait…our enemy. imperfect, yet we’re the envy of gods. we’re paradise, madness, summer. we’re the pure making of the universe; wonder, magic. we’re fireflies; creating a journey of chance, risk, desire. deep down we know we have found it; your sunshine, my happiness. i miss you and the tears still slip like water through my fingers. thinking on the beauty our lives display, i’m holding on to the hope in your eyes, my gut. i won’t let you go. 

Picture; Mothership.SG

Are you?

Are you?

The higher I fly the longer I’ll fall
The wings I was given have turned to dust
The truth I believed in is dangling on a thin rope
The message in a bottle was lost at sea
The tears have become the rain that quench my thirsty heart
The days have kissed the nights and the sun has said it’s goodbyes
But I’m holding on to the rainbow
Are you my rainbow?

Picture; Blue clementine art

Right now

Right now

What’s on your mind right now?
What battles are you fighting and losing fast?
What smoke is burning your eyes as we speak?
Are the tears in free fall when night comes?
Do you still wish for the good old days?
Do you have regrets?
It’s okay, just breathe…because 
All we have is right now. 

Picture; Rozendal farm